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Young Learner English Exams

Namaste Academy has tied up with the Universities of Michigan (USA) and Cambridge for its students to sit the Michigan-Cambridge Tests of English from the age of six. This assures parents that their children’s teachers are doing a good job of bringing them on in the language because the tests are not assessed in Nepal but in the USA. As such, they measure students’ language skills according to international standards. 

There are no pass or fail grades in Michigan-Cambridge tests and each and every child gets a certificate. Nobody feels left out! But, of course, they are also useful indicators for parents and teachers as to where children should be focusing attention in order to improve their proficiency in the language. 

Our teachers also offer extra classes to prepare our students for the tests, although there will be a small fee to cover their fees. 

Children from the age of ten can sit all parts of the test online but for those between the ages of six and nine, there are socially distanced tests in an outdoor venue. 
The tests are affordably priced at US $ 45 per test. Children can sit one test a year. 
The Michigan-Cambridge tests are also available to children who do not attend Namaste Academy, as are the courses leading to them, although in these cases, the fees both for the course and the exams are slightly higher.