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Teachers’ Training

A teacher needs to be constantly evolving, upgrading, adapting, imagining, creating, and learning new techniques. These are key resources in a knowledge-driven world and, as educators, we realize that we must educate for tomorrow.

With this in mind, we have conducted several workshops led both by our own Academic Director and by outside experts. These professional development sessions for teachers help them gain expertise and be able to contribute proactively in the classroom. Our school has been a pioneer in facilitating these exclusive workshops.

However, training on its own is not enough. It is so easy to participate in a training workshop and then go straight back to the old way of doing things. For this reason, we observe teachers’ classes on a regular basis to make sure that new methodologies are being tried out in the classroom. Teachers then meet with their observer to discuss the less

on and see how it might be improved in future. 

In these ways, we hope that our teachers will feel challenged and excited by their subject and by finding new ways to make it more interesting and understandable for their students.