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Namaste Academy Policy on Supporting Struggling Students

Some students find academic subjects or learning languages more difficult than others and need extra support from their teachers. Others may join Namaste Academy from other schools where English is not the first language or because the child and her/his parents were dissatisfied with the previous school. It may be the case that new students need individual attention from their new teachers to catch up. It is the School’s responsibility and pleasure to offer remedial help to any students who need it.


In order to carry out this policy effectively, Namaste Academy sets age-related pre-tests in the following subjects to children entering the School: Nepali, Maths, Science and English. If a child is found weak in any or all of these subjects, a monthly timetable of extra classes will be arranged by the School. These classes will continue until the student has caught up with her/his classmates. Alternatively, if a current student has fallen behind with her/his studies, the teacher will recommend the School to contact the parents to arrange extra help.

Alongside the support offered to struggling students by our teaching staff, we also encourage study groups for weaker students coupled with more advanced ones. This is because sometimes weaker students feel less intimidated studying with their school friends than they do with teachers and can admit more easily that they do not understand concepts.

Any policy on supporting struggling students would be incomplete without reference to students with special needs. Namaste Academy may not be the ideal venue for students with severe learning challenges but we do not automatically exclude students with study difficulties. Rather we work with them and their parents to make the most of their abilities, although we may need to call in expert advice on areas such as dyslexia, ADHD, mild autism and so on.

Namaste Academy expects the cooperation of parents in ensuring the child attends these extra classes and does any home assignments that the teachers set. For our part, we will try to make these extra lessons as interactive and fun as we can so that the child does not feel them to be a burden.