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Sports at Namaste Academy

For fifty years now, educationists have been talking about multiple intelligences, arguing that languages, science and maths promote only part of our thinking and are not the only indicator of ability. We can see that this philosophy has had an effect on professional life as well as job adverts increasingly mention communication skills and working in teams as essential requirements for new employees. One of these new ‘intelligences’, however, has not attracted as much attention as it deserves, namely sports.

At Namaste Academy, physical exercise and taking part in sports are seen as essential to the all-round development of every child. For this reason, the School includes a large play area, a basketball court and a covered football/cricket pitch as well as a swimming pool and table tennis facilities. We have arranged these because we believe that personal health depends on physical activity and that habits developed at school in childhood are likely to continue throughout adult life, keeping us fit and strong.

For young children, sports are also important to help them develop hand-eye coordination and to refine their motor skills.

But sport also promotes other qualities in children: the urge to compete, so essential in the modern world; cooperation with other team members to achieve goals; perseverance and the attitude of never giving up; and the development of friendships based on meeting and working with others, rather than just sitting in front of a screen day after day.

Namaste Academy puts academics first but giving students the opportunity to play games, to enjoy the School’s facilities outside the classroom and to compete against other schools on both a district and national level. We offer football and cricket, volleyball, basketball, table tennis and swimming as well as karate – so important these days for girls to be able to protect themselves from attack!