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The lower secondary and secondary school program consists of students of grades IX to XII of the Nepal Government’s NEB Program. The hallmark of our program is that we focus on critical analysis and creative thinking, using our own materials to supplement the government textbooks. We focus on pragmatic learning as part of the learning-teaching process where the students apply their knowledge to real life scenarios and are not just learning in order to excel in examinations.

We aim to guide the children to become compassionate adults who have positive solutions to real life challenges and can take prompt action. The school, having strong international connections, focuses on the importance of English so that our students can have their pick of university places, can travel abroad and enjoy successful, satisfying and well-paid employment and, therefore, a secure future.

We also try to guide students to find their lifelong passion so that they can create an impact in society. However, we do not forget that the teenage years are also about identifying out-of-the-box pastimes and, thus, we guide them on sports, drama, dance, music and art by offering them opportunities on campus and field trips.