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Basic Level

Students from Grade I–VIII follow the Basic level according to Ministry of Education guidelines. Being the first stage of formal education right after preschool, this programme lays the foundation for everything that the children will study later in life, right through university and their careers. One might, therefore, say that it is the cornerstone of childhood learning.

To show the children how they might collaborate and cooperate to come up with better solutions to questions, we encourage them sometimes to work in groups and so focus on class discussion. Club classes have been launched to make each pupil interactive and expressive, and develop a sense of respect, the concept of sharing, the ability to resolve disputes, follow instructions, and voice their own opinions. Students are provided with opportunities to learn through hand-on activities, collaborative work, field trips, sharing their work and expressing constructive opinions.

In addition to this, we carefully guide our young learners to shape their thinking, enabling them to achieve successful academic and professional careers. Our focus is on learning by doing, particularly through useful, fun-filled activities. Schooling at Namaste Academy is based on the principle of progressive education: ICT literacy, critical thinking and enquiry. Incorporating ICT in the classrooms constitutes a vital element of this education system.

We ensure the wellbeing of every child by encouraging him/her to enhance their skills in communication, collaboration, creative work and thinking critically, as required to succeed in life in the 21st century.