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Our Partner Schools Abroad

There are many reasons why schools decide to link up with others overseas. In the first place, doing projects with schools abroad offers our students the opportunity to use English in a real-world situation, where they cannot put their ideas across in any other way. English therefore becomes more than just a school subject but a way of communicating.

Next, children start to understand that their new friends overseas live their lives in different ways than they do. They have ways of behaving, communicating and even studying that bear no resemblance to those at home. They even find things funny that leave us wondering what the joke might be. This teaches our students tolerance for different lifestyles, opinions and beliefs.
However, it does more than that too. It also helps us to appreciate the uniqueness of Nepali culture and a greater understanding and respect for our own traditions and customs – things that we might have taken for granted beforehand. This is because Butwal will come as a surprise for foreign friends who will find the atmosphere here strange. Our children will need to explore why Nepali customs are as they are, the reasons behind their own beliefs, the history, sports and arts that they never really considered before.
Finally, Namaste Academy can take advantage of our partner schools’ local knowledge to arrange affordable trips abroad so that our students and their own can meet face to face the children they have been collaborating with online to complete projects. They may even be able to stay in their friends’ homes and attend their schools, giving them a real taste of what life is like in another country.  
So, international partnerships add something special to any school’s activities.