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Our Gardens

Namaste Academy believes in learning by doing and so all our younger students have the opportunity to plant seeds and saplings and care for them so that they grow into healthy and fully mature plants. This allows young children to see how seeds germinate and what they need to develop, rather than just reading about the process in textbooks.

We grow herbs, vegetables, flowering plants and even trees to beautify our campus. However, our aim is not just for students to learn about photosynthesis and to have brightly cololured flowers for the children to admire, although these are, naturally, important. We have more practical goals too.
In the first place, the School has reached agreement with local luxury hotels and supermarkets to supply them with fresh herbs for their kitchens and shelves – herbs that are not available in Lumbini Province. This will allow our grade XI and XII students to get valuable real-life practice in setting up their own business: accounting, marketing, branding and so on. Other more homely produce – like carrots, chili and others – will be used in our cafeteria. 
So, a garden can be a real learning opportunity for our students – young and old – not just a thing of beauty!