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Message from Academic Director

Namaste and welcome to our School!

I am very pleased to introduce myself to you. I am a UK citizen with a long history in education in South Asia with the University of Cambridge, British Council and several other prestigious institutions at school and university levels.
I am delighted to be in Nepal, a country I have often visited but never lived in before. I am equally glad to be at Namaste Academy, a school with a fine future ahead of it and where I am sure I will be very happy.
The reasons for my belief are like this: I have five main aims for the School.

  1. Namaste Academy must become the best provider of English language learning and teaching in the province so that our students can secure places in top universities and enjoy successful and satisfying professional careers.
  2. Namaste Academy must ensure that every child learns excellent Nepali and has a deep appreciation for their culture, history and values.
  3. Namaste Academy must ensure the best results possible for every child.
  4. Namaste Academy must offer exciting lessons where students learn by discussion, analysis and questioning – not just listening to teachers talking and talking and …..
  5. Namaste Academy must offer opportunities for students to develop new interests that they might enjoy later in life, such as dance, music, drama and sports.

If we can achieve these goals, I am sure parents will believe that they are getting good value for the fees they have paid.
Please contact me if you have any opinions and suggestions as to how we might achieve these targets. I am always available.


Mark Bartholomew

Academic Director