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Namaste Academy Policy on Language Learning and Use

Namaste Academy is an international school which puts great emphasis on its students learning excellent spoken and written English. However, we never forget that our school is situated in Nepal and, so, we pay equal attention to our students mastering Nepali, their mother tongue. English medium schools do a disservice to their students if they neglect the mother tongue and, with it, the ability to read and write the language fluently. If learning the Nepali language is considered a low priority, then it follows the children’s pride in their heritage, history, arts and country all suffer too.

Nepal is, of course, home to a rich culture and many, many indigenous languages. At Namaste Academy, we aim to showcase these through shining a light on the literature, art, drama and local sports of the country. In this way, we intend that our students’ appreciation of their homeland will deepen.

None of this is to say that Namaste Academy is focused only on Nepal. By learning about other cultures and current events as well as world history, we hope to expose our students to the world around them and so increase their tolerance towards others’ opinions, beliefs and political outlooks. English is a vehicle through which this can be achieved.

In conclusion, Namaste Academy hopes that all its students will be fluent in written English so that they have opportunities to study and work abroad on an equal footing with other international students, can get well-paid, secure and rewarding jobs at home, and are aware of global trends. Similarly, we assure students and parents alike that the School will never forget its roots and will venerate Nepali culture and local languages. You will see this reflected all around the School with signage in two languages and arts from home and abroad.