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Information Technology (IT)

At Namaste Academy, we value the Nepalese cultural heritage, but we are also aware that this is the 21st century and that, for our students to be globally competitive, they need to be not only aware of ICT but also fully conversant with how to use computers and make the most of the Internet. 

It is essential that our students understand the benefits that ICT can bring – but also some of the dangers that it poses. For this reason, we have policies on ethical use of ICT and, especially, social media. You can read our Social Media policy in our Policies section on this site.
Each of our three IT labs has excellent connectivity, projectors, scanners, smartboards and printers. Digital cameras and camcorders are available on request from our storerooms.
The ICT team has also set up a course on hardware and mobile phone repair. We aim to introduce an AI course in the coming year.
Therefore, we are striving to make sure that all our students from grade 1 are fully literate not just in English and Nepali but also ICT so that they are ready for the challenges of a new age.