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We at Namaste Academy believe that homework can be a useful means of reinforcing lessons learnt in school during the week. It can also help students revise before exams so that they get the best possible scores that their abilities allow for. There are also tasks which would take up too much class time and which could better be spent researching new facts, ideas and sources and discussing these with one another. 

Yet, homework can also be a burden on a child if there is too much of it or if it is repetitious and boring. We at Namaste Academy try to ensure that homework is not just endless exercises in memorisation or answering set after set of multiple choice questions. We hope that our homework tasks are practical and exploratory, even creative. We also guarantee that teachers will check homework outside class time carefully, regularly and punctually and make suggestions for improvement.

Namaste Academy is also concerned that young children should not have to sacrifice valuable time spent with family and friends or pursuing their hobbies or playing sports. This might be necessary for the older students as exams approach but it should not be a never-ending process. A love of football or painting or music is just as important in developing us as balanced human beings as academic excellence.

Precise details of homework requirements are set out in our Student Handbook and parents should consult these to see the approximate number of hours that your child should be spending on study skills outside school. It should be noted that homework will count towards children’s term grades and so be included as part of their assessment. This is Namaste Academy’s attempt to acknowledge continuous effort throughout the academic year and to compensate those children who become frightened during examinations!

Parents are encouraged to consult the school if they feel that their children are doing either too much or too little homework. We would like to work together with parents to ensure that the balance is right for your child!