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Health and Safety Policy

Namaste Academy aspires to providing a safe, clean and protective environment for its students and staff.

With this in mind, our junior classrooms are designed to offer a secure environment with furniture suited to the size of the students, devoid of sharp edges and other hazards which might injure our smaller students.

There is a medical room where students who are feeling unwell can be given medicines (on parental agreement) by a trained nurse from our well-stocked first aid kit. There is a doctor on call 24 hours a day who can visit the school in case of more serious illnesses. In such circumstances, parents are always notified immediately. Furthermore, there are twice yearly medical camps where all students are invited to get check-ups by qualified doctors.

There are regular checks on our gas and electric appliances and fire extinguishers are checked every six months to ensure their functionality.

The chemistry laboratory has a fume cupboard in case of a gaseous leak from toxic chemicals.

The swimming pool is monitored daily when it is in use to ensure that the water is safe for children to swim in.

There is an evacuation plan in place in case of fire or other emergency, such as earthquakes, and teachers are trained in appropriate behavior, such as checking attendance registers, when students are gathered in the play area after an alarm is sounded. Practice drills take place three times a year to prepare for such an eventuality.

Our buses and vans ferrying children to and from school are checked regularly for road fitness.

Our cafeteria provides a balanced and healthy diet to all teachers and students, as recommended by a nutritionist, and is cooked under the most hygienic conditions.

In addition to all these precautions, there is a school counselor employed for students to discuss any personal difficulties they may be facing whether in relation to their studies, home or school environments as well as the changes they may be going through physically and emotionally as they progress through childhood to adolescence.

In short, parents can trust to Namaste Academy for the well-being of their child.