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Equal Treatment for Girls and Boys

At Namaste Academy, we take women’s rights seriously and are deeply concerned about inequality and sexual harassment. 

We have a policy of encouraging our female students to report inappropriate touching by boys or men and deal with it in the strictest ways. Investigations are carried out by female-led teams to determine whether abuse has occured. We also have a student-led council which encourages girls to come forward and report abusive behaviour. No male member of staff may punish a female student without a female member of staff being present either.
Under the old management, female and male students were not allowed to mix in the play areas and sports were rigidly segregated. This meant that boys could play a wide variety of sports, for instance, and girls were neglected. This is no longer true. Girls and boys have equal access to all facilities open to boys. 
Similarly, girls’ dress is no longer scrutinised more carefully than boys. If a rule is good for a boy, it’s good for a girl too.
We have girls’ football and basketball teams and encourage them to take part in matches against other schools – but which other schools have girls’ sports teams?
Namaste Academy also hosts many exhibitions featuring internationally renowned female scientists, sports women, politicians, authors and many more. We invite trailblazers in opening up careers and establishing social movements for women as well!  
In short, Namaste Academy aims to be an exemplar of equality of treatment for girls and boys. Let us know if you can help!