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English Language Proficiency

Learning any language needs practice because it involves mastering a set of skills. Trying to become really fluent in a language without speaking, reading and writing it can be compared to attempting to learn to swim without getting in the water. 

For this reason, at Namste Academy, we get students using the language rather than just filling in gaps in their notebooks or memorising grammatical formulas. We have drama productions, debates and role plays. We also encourage students to read either by borrowing books from the library or using our online one.
But mastery of a language involves more than just learning from books and practising their content. It also means understanding something about the culture of which the language is a part. Communicating effectively implies understanding norms and linguistic customs. In the English-speaking world, for instance, we are much more direct than Nepalis are; we do not flatter people easily; we almost never use words like ‘esteemed’, ‘honourable’ and so on. In fact, flattery is seen as a negative trait.
So, we involve students in international projects with our partner schools where using English is not just something to do in order to pass an exam but an essential skill to communicate with people who don’t know Nepali. 
Come to Namste Academy and learn how to use real English!