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Disciple Policy at Namaste Academy

At Namaste Academy, we believe that a clear understanding of the School rules is essential for friendly relations between management, teachers, students and parents. These rules set out essential parameters of acceptable behaviour and speech which children must learn to function in society. It also reinforces moral guidelines which demonstrate the physical or emotional hurt that we can cause others when we speak or behave badly.

At Namaste Academy, there are no arbitrary rules which students cannot understand the reasons for. If they do not see the sense of a rule, it is explained to them. We do not follow that age-old axiom: “You must do it because I said so!” Neither do we expect students to abide by rules that we, as staff, do not follow ourselves. We do not expect our students to shout in anger – neither do we want our teachers to. We do not want children to hit each other and, accordingly, if a teacher ever hits a child, s/he will be dismissed. In short, our teachers lead by example.

Of course, we always remain in close contact with parents if we believe the child is facing great challenges at school and do our best to work consistently with them to resolve these difficulties. Disciplinary measures may be part of our helping a child to improve.

In line with our respect for others’ opinions and beliefs, even when these differ from their own, students must be polite to their peers, teachers, administrative officers, as well as security and support staff at all times. Rudeness, the use of obscene language or fighting may result in detention, suspension from the School for a number of days or even permanent expulsion.

Students must not damage or deface school property and should keep the School clean and tidy. Damage must be paid for by the student’s family and the student concerned may face detention, suspension from School for a number of days or even expulsion.

Students must not hold hands or exhibit physical affection for each other in school or when wearing school uniform off the School premises. Any harassment of a student by another will be dealt with extremely severely. Similarly, bullying is completely unacceptable.

Students caught using dishonest means in exams should expect to be suspended from School, score 0 in that exam and have their parents called to Namaste Academy. A second occurrence will result in expulsion.

If a student is absent from school without Namaste Academy being informed of the reason, her/his parents will be called to explain. If a student is absent for a long enough period not to be ready to proceed to the next level at the end of the academic year, s/he will be asked to repeat it. If s/he or her/his parents refuse, they may be asked to leave Namaste Academy. However, in the event that Namaste Academy is informed, we will do all we can to make up for any work missed.