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Communicating with Parents

At Namaste Academy, we understand that the School can achieve little if it acts alone without coordinating its efforts with parents or other guardians. It cannot be solely the School, for instance, that guides children’s behavior: parents need to be part and parcel of that process. Similarly, parents cannot act alone in deciding what information their children should have access to. In short, the School and home must act in harmony if the child is to grow academically, morally and emotionally and achieve the best results possible in every field.

For this reason, Namaste Academy communicates with parents in a variety of ways, according to their personal preferences. These include: by phone, SMS, email, Messenger and an App that the School has designed itself for effective communication. We welcome parents’ suggestions on how these can be improved and any other means they would like to introduce. We may not be perfect communicators but we try our best always to improve!

Yet, none of these ways of communicating can take the place of face-to-face meetings between the School management and teachers, on one hand, and parents on the other. As such, Namaste Academy regularly arranges Parent – Teacher meetings, at which parents can learn about their child’s progress in different subject areas and share their perceptions of how s/he is doing at school. We also organize meetings where parents of students in one or more grades can discuss new ventures, improvements that are to be made and also any suggestions they have for the betterment of the School. We hold these in the evenings when working parents should still be free to attend.

Namaste Academy uses social media in order to share memories of past achievements and to announce new processes and procedures in every area ranging from transport and the cafeteria to the hostel, academics, sports and arts activities.

Finally, our newly upgraded website and the Student-Parent Handbook offer parents a more comprehensive overview of the School both in Nepali and English.

Namaste Academy welcomes parental involvement in story-telling sessions for younger children!

Let us know if you have any other ideas for how we can move ahead with improving communication between our most important partners – parents – and the School!