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Namaste Academy Attendance Policy

For any child to gain the maximum benefit from studying, doing sport or practicing some creative activity at Namaste Academy, he or she must attend regularly. It is the joint responsibility of the child’s parents and teachers to ensure that this happens. Students who are often absent will not be able to keep up with their classmates and so may not be able to progress to the next class at the end of the academic year.

Of course, there are usually good reasons why students cannot attend school. They may be sick or there might be a crisis at home, perhaps caused by the death of a loved one. In such cases, Namaste Academy management and teaching staff will make every effort to help the student catch up with work missed in extra classes.

However, where a student regularly misses school for no good reason, Namaste Academy will implement the following rules:

  1. The child’s class teacher will contact the child and encourage her / him to attend and participate in class regularly. This meeting or phone call will be recorded in the School’s files;
  2. If, after a week, there is no improvement, the School will contact the child’s parents and explain its concerns;
  3. If, a week later, there is still no improvement in a child’s attendance, the School will ask her/his parents to visit the School for a meeting to resolve the issue. The School will issue a written warning to the parents stating that unless there is improvement in their child’s attendance, s/he will be suspended for three days the following week;
  4. If there is still no improvement after a suspension, the student will not be allowed to advance to the next class and, in extreme cases, will be expelled.

Naturally, Namaste Academy does not wish to take such severe steps and we look forward to parents’ cooperation to ensure regular attendance of all students at the School.