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Arts at Namaste Academy

Most students at Namaste Academy and their parents are interested in studying Maths, English and the Sciences. A smaller number prefer Business related areas. However, at Namaste Academy, we believe that school is about more than just grades, getting to good universities and landing the highest paid jobs! School should offer students the opportunity to explore drama, poetry and other literature, painting, dance, music and handicrafts. Maybe it is unlikely that students will be able to develop careers by focusing on these areas but their leisure time will certainly be enriched by them.

The importance that Namaste Academy attaches to the arts – both Nepali and foreign – is evident in the number of drama performances that it stages in both Nepali and English, as well as in the exhibitions it holds of students’ artwork and the concerts that it arranges, showcasing children’s musical and dance skills. But there are also now reproductions of paintings in the corridors of the School as well as in classrooms so that students are studying in a rich artistic environment. Similarly, our libraries play music as an aide to concentration and to allow children to widen their tastes.

Of course, not all students are equally interested in the arts and some may not wish to learn a musical instrument or to paint, for instance. For these reasons, arts classes are compulsory for only a term to allow children to explore their interests at a young age. They can then opt to continue with these classes or to choose one over another. Others may have no practical ability to create but still enjoy listening to music or looking at paintings, for example. For these children, there are optional after-school theory classes that explore the development of the arts both at home and abroad.

Namaste Academy believes that School is much more than getting great grades. It should also expand students’ horizons so that they can continue to explore the arts later in life, building on the foundations laid by their School.