Pathway to British BBA Degree in Dubai, UAE | “The Skills That Students Need for a Bright Future”, by Nabin Nepal (Secondary Level Science Teacher)

“The Skills That Students Need for a Bright Future”, by Nabin Nepal (Secondary Level Science Teacher)

The formulation of the problem is often more essential than the solution’ - Albert Einstein.

Being an educator in an underdeveloped country, that is heading towards a developing country, I frequently have to answer questions that haven’t actually been adequately explored yet - as well as solutions to problems that a lot of people don’t even understand.

In this period, we have been trying to transition from an economy where most people earn their living with low wages, to an economy where one expects to get something more than a minimum wage job, for which one must have some kind of successful career and the skills for continuous learning. 

I would argue that the skills for active and informed citizenship have converged. There are skills and we neither know how to teach or access those skills. But that’s only the half of the problem. The harder part is that this generation is very differently motivated to learn, as it comes to understand.

So, it begs the question: How do you motivate this generation to want to achieve excellence? To me, it calls for reframing educational problems, and to a greater extent even professional development. We must rethink and reimagine, to conceptualise education, teaching and learning for the 21st century.

We spend a lot of time being very concerned about the education and upbringing of kids. But on the other spectrum, a lot of harm is happening due to micromanaging every moment of a kid's life. This leads to parents acting like their child's concierges, personal handlers, and secretaries for every step of their life - causing their child to wither under high rates of anxiety and depression.

Such a phenomenon further deprives a child of building self-efficacy, which is the fundamental tenet of the human psyche and far more important than the self-esteem they receive every time they are applauded. Self-efficacy is built when one sees that their own actions lead to outcomes, not one’s parents’ actions on their behalf.

The longest longitudinal study of humans ever conducted is recognised as the Harvard Grant Study, and it’s finding is that professional success in life is much higher with the people who were raised doing personal chores. Similarly, for a successful career, a child should not be pampered and treated like a bonsai plant; rather they should be provided with the opportunity to grow and blossom like a wildflower, who can learn to struggle and survive in the growing global condition.

After reading the book “The World is Flat”, by Thomas Friedman, it became clear to me in a way that I hadn’t understood before, that any job – that can be white collar or any other service, it doesn’t matter, is either offshore or automated. And so I began to worry about what kind of skills our young people need in order to get and keep a decent job in this new global knowledge economy - and are they the same skills they need to be continuous learners and become active and informed citizens?

So, I carried out some research which resulted in me understanding that the skills needed are far more diverse than those that we have been emphasising in schooling in the past. Some of the survival skills which young people need to get and keep a good job, and to be successful learners  and informed global citizens, are listed below:

  1. Critical Thinking And Problem-Solving Skills: -

The world is shrinking in terms of global marketing. Organisations that provide similar services and products are growing in vast numbers. So, it is obvious that amongst the organisations that are competing nationally and internationally, the ones that compete most successfully engage their competent workers in a process of continuous improvement of their product or service.


  1. Collaboration Across Networks And Leading By Influence: -

Teamwork doesn’t occur so much within a room anymore as it does across the country and even across the globe. For instance, Google has recently allowed most of its employees to work from any location, at any time - just as long as they do it in a team. Billions of people residing in different societies have their own cultural diversity. Hence, there should be an understanding of different apropos of the mission in different societies and cultures - and collaborating with them is a great challenge. Moreover, one needs to lead those obstacles and influence the command-and-control structure that has characterised successful businesses and other endeavours.


  1. Agility And Adaptability: -

Even if a person stays in the same job, in the same company (which is not common these days) that job is as continuously changing as clay. Globally recognised companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more, restructure every single year and each time every employee has to learn new skills in order to keep entrepreneurship alive.


  1. Effective Communication: -

The main complaint of both employers and educators alike is that young adults coming out of high school or university cannot communicate effectively. The first and foremost problem with their writing is their thinking, as they cannot analyse or reason. And the other half of the problem is that they don’t know how to write with voice - as their thinking is fuzzy which results in fuzzy writing. Furthermore, they have become used to turning out papers by rote.


  1. Accessing And Analysing Information: -

The amount of information that is available to us is increasing exponentially. The ability not only to do an effective web search but also, to actually understand what the most important information is, is really critical in determining the information that is trivial and separating this unnecessary information. This is an absolutely indispensable skill.


  1. Curiosity And Imagination: -

To be a good designer, creating creative and imaginative skills becomes increasingly important in the marketplace. If we take, for example, ios products. Their market demand is due to the imaginative power and the curiosity of the employees and the employer.



As well as the above-mentioned facts, the future pillars of the world should be brave enough to be authentic, surrender the outcomes, and be ready to work hard in order to become reliable in the field in which they work.